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In 2014 Travel Channel’s Resort Rescue filmed an episode at our Resort

Laguna Vista Lodge was mentioned in the Frommers Guide

Laguna Vista Lodge was featured in the book “Hoist a Cold One” by MelodyGroves

Featured in “True West magazine”


We were featured on a segment with Biff Henderson from “Late Night with David Letterman”

The Late Show with David Letterman aired the Eagle Nest segment on:

Monday, November 7th, 2005. Episode 2454. The show aired on CBS at 10:35pm.

(Below is the transcript of the show)

BIFF HENDERSON’S AMERICA: As we often do, we sent Biff out to a small town somewhere in America to see what life is like. This is Biff’s 15th installment of Biff Henderson’s America. Where did he go? Biff thinks . . . . and thinks . . . . and draws a blank. Oops. Before the show, I give Biff a copy of what Dave has on his blue card. Tonight on the blue card was the following:
Biff Henderson’s America.
Eagle Nest, New Mexico.
-this is Biff’s 15th installment of Biff Henderson’s America.
-last visit: Mayetta, Kansas, September 23, 2003.

I also gave Biff a list of all the places he’s gone. I tell Biff he should know what’s on Dave’s blue card and be familiar of the list of places he’s gone. And I know exactly what happened to Biff. He concerned himself with the list of 15 other places and forgot the obvious; the place he just went. It’s understandable. I’ve done it myself. I call it the ‘Ralph Kramden/Swanee River” syndrome.
How did Biff remember Eagle Nest, New Mexico? I asked if the Control Room told him through his head set but Biff told me he turns off his headset when he’s talking to Dave. “It would be too distracting” says Biff. While Biff was trying to think of the town, another stage manager mouthed the words “Eagle Nest, New Mexico.” Though not a lip reader, Biff was able to decipher the lip movement of the stage manager.
Eagle Nest, New Mexico.
We see Biff discussing the town’s slogan.
Biff riding a tractor. Says the rancher: “If he breaks that thing I’m gonna kick his ass.”
The Winnebago at 8 mpg.
A visit to the Laguna Vista.
The town worm-eater.
The Cowboy’s CafĂ©.
The locals talk about the rich history of Eagle Nest.
And Biff visits a brothel.

It looked like Biff had a nice visit to Eagle Nest.
I did a quick Google on Eagle Nest and found that if you’re interested in taking a haunted honeymoon, you should check out the Laguna Vista Lodge.
Found on the Google:

Laguna Vista Lodge & Saloon in Eagle Nest, New Mexico has quite a past and, according to some reports, at least 22 ghosts. One of particular interest is thought to be the spirit of a bride who honeymooned at the Lodge with her husband. One day her husband went out hunting, never to return. It is said that the young bride then became a “saloon girl” and that it is her spirit that still haunts the hallways.