The Historic Saloon and former Gambling & Dance Hall was a favorite watering hole of the Lonesome Dove movie crew.

Colorful locals and international tourists stop by for a drink often.

Our crew takes time out to pose before a busy shift.

Our Saloon dates back to 1898.

In the Saloon gold nuggets from the mining camps in Baldy Town & Elizabethtown passed over the gambling tables paying for refreshments made with shaved ice from the sawdust packed icehouses.

Elizabethtown is 5 miles north of here. It was founded in 1867 and had a population that approached 10,000. Today it hosts a museum. It was the first county seat in New Mexico and had hopes to replace Santa Fe.

Mining in Elizabethtown and Baldy Town eventually came to a stop because the longest aqueduct in the world never delivered enough water. The population dwindled and tourism died.

The upstairs of the original hotel became a house of ill repute. During a recent remodel, we discovered that the original wallpaper still stands under several upgrades made over the last 100+ years.

We have been told that the hotel has a lady ghost who lives upstairs and visits the Dining Room on occasion, using the hidden staircase. Psychics say there are many poltergeists in the building, but the Lady is the one most known to guests and staff.

History has it that a couple checked into the hotel on their honeymoon. A few days later, the new husband went hunting, never to return. His bride is still waiting for him.

Tours of the former hotel/brothel and of our signature guest rooms are available. 800-821-2093.

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