Saloon Happenings!

Gunfights, drink specials, incredible food, holiday events or just plain ol’ fun. There’s always something special about our Saloon. Come on in and step back to a time before cell phones and hectic schedules. Just sit a while and enjoy!

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  1. Are there new owners of the restaurant now? My husband and I stopped there last year to get breakfast and that was the worst experience we have ever had! We only had 2 choices, the waitress was a very young girl with obviously no experience; she had to make coffee because she said that we were their only customers that they have had; even though it was 9:30 a.m. When we got the coffee; it was horrible. I couldn’t even drink it. After about 30 minutes we got our breakfast; it was horrible! I don’t know how anyone could mess up ham and eggs so bad. I ordered my eggs over medium; but what I got was sunny side up. I sent them back! My husband had finished his breakfast by the time my breakfast was ready. They still weren’t over medium but I decided we had spent enough time in there already. The ham was the smallest piece of ham ever! And super dried! The toast was burnt. I mean I have never had such a horrible breakfast anywhere! Of course I didn’t eat it but just paid our bill and got out of there. I didn’t want to say anything to the waitress because she was very young and sweet; she really did try. It wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t trained. (we had to ask for silverware). I hope that this place has new owners now because several years ago we took our family from California there and they had really good chicken fried steak; everything that we got was good. And the service was good.

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